Add a Sports Vision Niche to your Practice

As declining reimbursements and Internet vendors continue to chip away at the traditional profit centers for optometrists, many ODs are looking for ways to remain competitive.  Specialized services have attracted the attention of many practices looking to differentiate themselves.  If you have a passion for sports, helping your athlete patients enhance their vision and improve their athletic abilities can be a rewarding and profitable niche.


We had a chance to speak with Dr. Don Teig.  Dr. Teig is former Director of the Institute for Sports Vision in Ridgefield, CT and served as a vision consultant to many professional sports teams.  He has authored numerous articles, lectured throughout the world on this topic, and appeared on several national television and radio programs discussing vision and sports.  Dr. Teig recently retired from private practice to devote his time to his sports vision consulting business, High Performance Vision Consulting.

New Media ODTell us a little about High Performance Vision Consulting?

Dr. Teig:  I established this program last year to train doctors to be able to incorporate a “soup to nuts” Sports Vision / High Performance Vision specialty niche into their practices.   I provide 16 hours of lectures over two days, a 700 page manual that covers all aspects of this specialty from testing, training, marketing, p.r., fees, testimonials, etc.  I also provide as part of the package, 6 months of follow up e-mail and telephone accessibility to all who take this training.  Each doctor receives a certificate indicating that they have completed the course.  I conduct these programs  once a year in a group setting  for a fee of $6500 as well as one-on-one  programs on site at doctors offices for a fee of $7500.  My next group event is scheduled for January 24-25, 2014 at the Hollywood Beach Marriott in Hollywood, Florida.  Doctors can register by calling me at 203-312-3123 or on my website

New Media ODCan anyone start a sports vision specialty, or does this require a background in, say, vision therapy or developmental vision? Continue reading

WOW Your Patients with Educational Videos – Interview with EyeMotion

In a recent post, Video Marketing – Demystified, I discussed the value and marketing potential of creating promotional or educational videos for your practice and sharing through a variety of digital media channels (website, Facebook, YouTube, emails, even text).  I also attempted to debunk the myth that creating and distributing video was difficult or even expensive.  That said, I understand that the idea of creating patient videos will not appeal to everyone.

But fear not my camera shy colleagues!  This week I bring you the magic of pre-designed video.  We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rod Yost, president of EyeMotion.  EyeMotion is a website design company that also produces patient education videos.

New Media OD:  Let’s talk about EyeMotion.  Could you summarize the products and services you provide?

Rod:  EyeMotion is a full service website design company offering website hosting packages and patient education videos.

Because we concentrate only on the Eyecare industry we can focus on offering our clients great value on website designs and all related services and backed by great customer service.  Most of our clients choose to incorporate our EyeMotion Patient Education Center into their website and to my knowledge we are the only company that can offer both design and animations from one company.

New Media OD:  Discuss the impact that video can have on the viewing experience when patients visit your site.Continue reading

Video Marketing – Demystified

So I had this great marketing idea…create video of yourself demonstrating all the great services your practice has to offer, and offer patients a way to sign up to receive this free, compelling eye information.  For example, you’re trying to grow a vision therapy specialty – create video showing how VT/DV can improve learning and sports performance.  What parent or high-school athlete wouldn’t be intrigued?  Invite patients to opt-in on their phone to receive these videos, and occasionally send out the videos to everyone on your list.

Video Production : Cameraman in a computer monitor. Isolated on whiteI recently pitched this idea to a management consultant.  We’ll call her Megan, because that was her name.  Not her exact words, but she basically informed me that most ODs would crawl into the fetal position at the thought of having to produce videos.  And you know what..she’s probably right!

Why Video? 

Video marketing is not new, but its importance as a powerful marketing tool is becoming increasingly clear. YouTube is now the second most used search engine to Google. According to comScore’s May 2011 U.S. Online Video Rankings, 83 percent of the U.S. Internet audience (176 million people) viewed online video in May, averaging 15.9 hours worth of video in one month.

Visuals are typically more appealing than written text or even pictures. Video creates a much more personal connection with your patients.  Video gives people a chance to get to know you personally and a great way to establish your authority.  Investing in online video can have a great impact on your marketing and improve visibility and brand identity for your practice. Continue reading

Use YouTube to Convert Prospects to Patients

Youtube : youtube Logo on a laptop screen Stock PhotoWhen it comes to marketing, we tend to rely on words and pictures to get our message across. Whether its direct mail, print ads, email, or our Facebook page; often times our advertising comes across as static and impersonal.  Visuals are typically more appealing than written text or even pictures.  Is there something interesting about your practice that differentiates you from the competition?  Consider using video to show people what makes you great.

Here are 5 tips for using YouTube to attract patients:

  1. Provide value.  Your videos must provide real value to the end-user.  Educational or how-to videos are a great way to deepen relationships with current patients and convert prospects into new patients.
  2. Be remarkable.  Using your “right-brain marketing approach”, create content that’s engaging, entertaining and separates you from the rest.  The biggest sin in marketing is to be boring.  Remarkable videos get remembered. Continue reading

How to Run a Social Media Contest for Your Practice

Looking for a great way to leverage social media to grow your brand and attract patients?  Run a social media contest.  This can be an engaging and effective way to increase followers on social media sites.

Here are 5 tips for integrating this strategy:

  1. Advertise a Facebook contest.  Give people a reason to “Like” your Facebook page, and then to keep coming back.  70% of people who “like” a business’s Facebook page never return.  Some brands have seen a dramatic jump in fans with Facebook contests.
  2. Offer a special product as a prize.  Promotions and incentives can range from small discounts on future exams to free designer eye wear.  Obviously the greater the incentive, the greater the level of customer engagement.
  3. Consider different strategies.  Filling out a form involves little work and may generate more participants, but at a lower quality.  In contrast, a contest that involves submitting pictures or video is much more authentic and highlights a positive consumer association with your practice.Continue reading

Doctors.. Give Your Online Video the “Wow Factor”

In a recent post I presented 5 Tips on Using Online Video to Grow Your Practice that focused on creating content that is relevant and engaging to your audience.  While engaging content is certainly important to any business or corporate video, if it was poorly produced by your cousin’s best friend who happens to own a video camera, this sub-par video will be a poor reflection of your practice.

For some tips on production and presentation I reached out to Craig Bass, owner of Motion Source, a Chicago-based video production company that specializes in internet video production.  In terms of actually producing a video, Craig’s advice is always to go to the professionals.  “A bad video makes a business look worse than no video at all.  Video is all around us, it saturates our society, and we know a bad video when we see one.  The perception is: bad video bad business.  I would suggest not even having a video produced unless it is tackled by someone who knows what they are doing”.

In terms of pricing for a video, it depends on a number of factors.  A video produced by a professional video production company could run several thousand dollars.  You could always find a cheaper option, like going to Craigslist and finding a student or freelancer, but they generally do not have the breadth of equipment, knowledge, and support system  to turn out a video that is going  to be as good as if a professional company did it.

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5 Tips on Using Online Video to Grow Your Practice

Looking for a new way to build awareness for your practice?  If and when you decide to use online video to promote your products or services, here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. It’s the visuals that people remember.  While you will likely prepare a script before making a video (or at least have something rehearsed), it’s typically what’s seen and not what’s heard that people remember.
  2. Show patients what you do best.  With the above in mind, demonstrate to your patients how you can solve their problems.  Demonstrate punctual plug insertion on a staff member, vision therapy exercises on a child, etc.  Video is a great way to appeal visually and emotionally to the demands of your patient base.Continue reading