EyeXam: A Tour of the #1 App in Eyecare

LogoWith over 1 million downloads, EyeXam is currently the #1 downloaded eye care application in the Medical category.  Consumers can download the app for free to conveniently communicate with doctor’s offices.  Vision Source has partnered with EyeXam, offering the app as a benefit to its network of more than 2,300 offices.  If you’re wondering what it does, and how it can be used to attract patients and help eye doctors connect with patients, here is a quick tour of the main features.

Take a self-guided vision screening test (the disclaimer clearly states that this does not replace an eye examination by a licensed professional).  The most popular tests are visual acuity and color vision screenings, but there are also tests for astigmatism and eye dominance, along with an Amsler Grid to monitor macular health in AMD patients. Click here to see a video on how the visual acuity feature works.

EyeXam vision test

Doctor finder.  The EyeXam app enables users to enter a zip code or to use their current location via GPS to locate an eye doctor. VSP providers are automatically listed in the directory.

EyeXam doctor finder

Appointment scheduling.  EyeXam includes a powerful scheduling engine enabling you to schedule an appointment with the participating office.  Consumers can manage appointments with the app and receive communications from their doctor, including reminders and targeted messages.

Chat.  Send the office messages or ask questions in real time.  EyeXam’s proprietary and secure Chat feature provides the opportunity for live chat with doctors’ offices.


Reminders.  Easily add reminders to your calendar to notify you to order more contacts, schedule an eye exam or replace contact lenses.

EyeXam reminders

EyeWiki.  Tap to search common eye related terms, conditions and definitions

Check benefits.  Tap to check your insurance benefits.  Once you have reviewed your available benefits, go to the Doctor Finder button to locate an eye doctor near you.

EyeXam VSP

View office promotions.  Manufacturer special offers and promotions are available directly through the app.  You can also redeem offers for contact lenses, eye drops and frames.

EyeXam targets the mobile, on-the-go consumer.  As more of our patients rely on their smartphone to access information and perform daily tasks such as scheduling doctor appointments, it’s become increasingly important to implement mobile communication channels for this segment of your patient base.

About:  Steve Vargo, OD, MBA works in a group practice in Merrillville, In.  He is a frequent contributor to Review of Optometric Business, and a consultant to Global EyeVentures – developer of the EyeXam app.  He can be contacted at svargo@gmail.com.

Download the free EyeXam app.

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