6 Tips for Engaging Patients with Social Media

If your new to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you may think these sites are just for sharing trivial and relatively useless information with our friends and followers, many of which we haven’t seen since high school and, well..didn’t really hang out with them much in high school either.  Although many social media sites began as personal networking forums, the evolution of social media now includes a wealth of business applications.  Below are some tips for creating a successful social media presence and strengthening your business and brand.

#1: Come up with a specific profile of the people you want to reach

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a blog, you must create value for your audience to keep them coming back.  Despite your “sleek and savvy” new line of eye wear and the high tech retinal camera you just added, many of our patients may not find this information particularly interesting or relevent to their day to day life.  “Everyone” is not your target market.  Create targeted content that will appeal to the interests, problems, and desires of various persona groups.

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