Modern Comment

Word-of-mouth referrals have always been critical to growing a practice. ModernComment makes it easy for your patients to recommend you to their social networks.



Through social media, one personal recommendation can spread to hundreds of potential patients. Even if you’re not on social media, your patients are and can promote you to everyone they know!

How it works

  1. Each doctor is setup with a unique link that can be pasted on the bottom of emails you send out (or a short link printed on reminder cards or receipts).
  2. The link takes patients to a 60-second “Recommendation Builder” that guides them through a few simple questions.
  3. Based on the selections a patient makes, a recommendation is automatically generated.
  4. Patients are incentivized to share their recommendations for you on their social media networks!

The main reason patients don’t recommend you online today is that they find the process too tedious and they don’t know what to write. Make it easy for your patients to promote you and see referrals start coming through today!


  • Social Media Referrals
  • $100 Monthly Drawing Hosted By ModernComment
  • Recommendation Builder Survey Link
  • Public Recommendation Page
  • Private Dashboard

Getting Started

ModernComment is only $599 per doctor for the entire year.

Start a free trial today or request a demo for more information!

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