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The EdgeLooking for a more effective way to evaluate vision care plans, staff, products and professional productivity? The EDGE™ is a consultative tool that provides easy access to your profit centers through a web-based system.  Last week I spoke with Jay Binkowitz, president of GPN™ (exclusive provider of The EDGE™), who provided some insight into how The EDGE™ can, well…give you an “edge”.

New Media OD:  You describe The EDGE™ as a “Performance Management Philosophy”.  Can you elaborate on that?

Jay: Yes. The EDGE™ is not a reporting system providing static reports and excel spreadsheets. It is a well thought out philosophy on what you should be tracking and what the information means. It takes you through a proven management routine with a series of graphs, charts and easy to understand information. But more importantly it provides you and your team the business resources to know what to do about. I call that the “then what”.

New Media OD:  Could you provide a quick overview of how the Edge works?

Jay: We seamlessly sync up with many of the industry practice management systems and upload the information from their system to our web based system The EDGE™. It takes place at night and does not have any negative effect on their program or resources.

New Media OD:  Do you think too many ODs spend time on unproductive, low-value activities, and how does The EDGE™. help re-direct their efforts?

Jay: One of the biggest issues independent business owners have is time. Or lack of it. The EDGE™ gets you the information you need with just a few quick clicks. No more spending hours and days figuring out what is happening. Now you can use your time to do something about it

New Media OD:  Another common complaint from ODs is “I’m working harder, but making the same (or less)”.  How can EDGE™improve efficiencies and lead to greater revenue with less labor input.

Jay: Since EDGE™ is set up with specific types of information that directly inpact both your top and bottom line as well separating that information into you clininc versus your optical you will quickly see the impact of your decisions and understand how to become more proactive vs reactive with your buisness

New Media OD:  Does EDGE™integrate with other practice management systems?

Jay: We do not actually integrate and so have no impact on their practice management systems. We simply data mine the information needed from the doctor’s database and upload each day. We currently work with Revolution EHR, My Vision Express, Officemate & Compulink

New Media OD:  Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.

About: Steve Vargo, O.D., M.B.A. frequently writes and lectures on using technology and digital media for marketing eye care practices.  He also practices optometry in St. John, In., where he lives with his wife and 2 sons.

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